How much Pomegranate Powder equals one pomegranate?

Good question! But, unfortunately, there isn't a simple way to convert our Pomegranate Powder into a whole pomegranate. This is because our powder is made by freeze-drying fresh-pressed, organic pomegranate juice. Juicing a fruit removes the fiber and some of the nutrients that remain bound in those fibers, while concentrating others, like certain vitamins and antioxidants.

Instead of considering our Pomegranate Powder a substitute for fresh pomegranates, we see it as a convenient and delicious way to add a boost of pomegranate nutrition to healthful foods, like smoothies, bowls, sauces, juices, and more. Each 5g serving contains 2.15mg of ellagic acid and just 1g of naturally occurring sugar with no preservatives, fillers, coloring agents, or other additives.