What processing methods do you use with your superfoods?

Here at Navitas, we believe that minimal processing is essential to preserving the vital nutrients of our foods—thus keeping them super!

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure minimal processing for all our premium superfoods. Depending on the product, this includes freeze-drying, cold-pressing, gentle milling, dehydration and low-temperature extracting.

Most of our products are considered "raw," meaning they are low-temperature processed to retain as many nutrients as possible. We choose not to label our products on packaging as "raw" because there is no single agreed upon temperature of exposure that determines this classification. There are also no FDA regulations or third party "raw" certification agencies at this time.

Exceptions in our product line include: Acai Powder (flash-pasteurized), Elderberry Powder (flash-pasteurized), Cacao (lightly roasted) and Gelatinized Maca (gelatinization involves heat). 

In addition to employing minimal processing, we send all of our products out for third party lab analysis to validate their nutrient values and integrity. Rest assured that with Navitas Organics superfoods, you're always getting the highest quality organic foods, minimally processed to keep their powerful nutrients intact.