Is my Cacao supposed to taste like this?

Does your Cacao Powder smell slightly fermented or vinegary? Are your Cacao Nibs surprisingly bitter? Don't worry; not only is it natural, it's also a hint of good things within!

While we're accustomed to cocoa or chocolate tasting sweet, this is due to added sugar, dairy and other ingredients that dull its sharp flavors. Unprocessed cacao (the main ingredient in chocolate) is actually quite bitter. Its strong taste is a result of the powerful nutrients that are present in unprocessed cacao, particularly its unique antioxidants. It's a seriously hardcore dark chocolate, and your body will thank you for it!

If you're new to the strong flavor of cacao, you might want to start with our Cacao Sweet Nibs. These have been lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar for a friendlier dark chocolate flavor without any loss of the potent cacao nutrition.