Why doesn't my bag contain the number of servings listed on the back of pack?

If your bag seems to contain fewer servings that the package says it should, it's a matter of weight versus household serving size, a.k.a. volume. Wait—what?

We know, it can be confusing.

  • The FDA requires all food packages and serving sizes be measured by weight—that's grams and ounces for most of our products.

  • We also include what's called the "household serving"—which is teaspoons, tablespoons, pieces, etc.—for your convenience, even though it is not required by the FDA.

If there seems to be a discrepancy between the servings stated on the bag and what's in it, it's an issue of volume, not weight. All of our products contain the correct number of servings, if you measure out the servings by weight. Because our products are minimally-processed, their mass, or volume, can sometimes vary and differ from the average that we print on pack.