Why do people say there are antioxidants in cacao?

While we typically think of antioxidants coming from foods like blueberries, they are actually found in a whole host of foods and a multitude of different forms! Cacao is a one of the best sources of many unique antioxidants that are linked with numerous health benefits.

The type of antioxidants that cacao contains are called bioflavonoids. Cacao's more specific antioxidants within this category are called flavonoids and flavanols.

Our cacao products are traditionally cultivated and low temperature processed, making its concentrations of these beneficial flavonoids and flavanols especially high. We source our cacao beans from the Dominican Republic and Peru, where they're grown organically and sustainably, using regenerative agriculture techniques. They're certified Fairtrade beans that we naturally ferment and carefully process to maintain their nutritional integrity.