What is a superfood?

You've likely heard the word "superfood" thrown around, or perhaps have seen it on food packaging or in ads. But what does it even mean?

At Navitas, we describe "superfood" as a plant-based food that is nutrient-dense, meaning it has a high concentration of nutrients to overall calories. Another way to think of it is that, bite for bite, you're getting more of the good stuffvitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and omegas—and less of the bad, like refined or processed ingredients.

Superfoods can shine in different ways. Some contain large quantities of common nutrients like protein and minerals. Other superfoods contain nutrients that are unique or uncommon, including rare antioxidants, healthy fats (like omega-3s) and other beneficial plant compounds.

The Navitas definition of "superfoods" doesn't stop there though.

For us, a superfood must also be certified organic, non-GMO and minimally processed in order to protect its "super" quality and nutrient integrity. You can expect this from every product we offer.

If you're still curious about superfoods and how they support health and help you feel great, check out our Super Benefits pages to learn more!