Some of the goji berries in my bag have blue/green spots on them. Is this mold?

Good news: probably not. Although it can definitely be alarming to see unusual color flecks on foods, these ones have an explanation!

Surprisingly enough, there are often natural color variations in goji berries that look like mold but are not. When the goji berries are harvested and dehydrated, it's common for leaf material to adhere to the berries during the drying process. The blue-green color is actually that leaf material, and the white spots at the end of the berry are where they were formerly attached to a stem. It's actually beneficial to see this white spot as it's a sign that the berries have not been artificially colored!

If you are concerned that your Navitas' Goji Berries are outside of this normal variance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Customer satisfaction and product quality are among our top priorities!

You can email us here or give us a call at  888-645-4282 and we'll be happy to assist you.