What grade or quality is your matcha powder?

Navitas Organics Matcha is one of the highest quality matcha powders on the market! It is Premium Culinary Grade, just one tier below ceremonial.

Sourced from Japan, our Matcha is organic and shade-grown according to traditional tea cultivation methods. Restricting the amount of light given to the growing matcha plant increases its beneficial chlorophyll production and results in a smoother tasting experience.

Navitas Matcha is grown in Japan's rolling hills southwest of Mount Fuji in what are known as tea-grass fields (an area—happily—untouched by any nuclear disasters). Recognized by the United Nations along with agricultural organizations for their use of traditional farming techniques, these unique fields preserve biodiversity and provide a safe haven for many species of plants. What’s more, tea grown in these regions has a bolder, more savory flavor and is known for its unprecedented quality.