What's the difference between Keto Cacao Powder and Cacao Powder?

If you're confused about the difference between our Keto Cacao Powder and our regular Cacao Powder, it's understandable; they are, after all, made from the exact same ingredient (the cacao bean)!

While both products taste like rich, unsweetened cocoa and can be used in smoothies, snacks, warm drinks and desserts, their main difference is in how each product is processed. Keto Cacao has a very high fat content, which is a result of the cacao bean fat (cacao butter) being retained during processing. Regular Cacao Powder, on the other hand, has much of its fat pressed out—leaving you with a lighter, dryer cacao powder.

Both Navitas Organics Cacao Powder and Keto Cacao Powder are USDA Organic, Fairtrade Certified, Kosher, non-GMO, gluten-free and sugar-free. Powerful superfoods, they both contain beneficial minerals, antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients that help your body thrive. Check out the chart below to learn more about what you can expect from each.