What is the flavanol content of your Cacao Powder?

If you've been a long-time fan of our Cacao Powder, you may have noticed that the number of flavanols reported within has changed over time. Let us explain!

There are currently several different methods of testing for flavanols, a subtype of flavonoids. For many years, we—along with our industry peers—used a method that captured the broadest possible results. After all, flavanoids of all shapes and sizes are considered beneficial. But the industry standard is now shifting towards a more selective testing method using Degree of Polymerization (DP), which limits the number reported to truly the flavanols only, ignoring the rest of the flavonoids within the food.

Within each 6g serving of our Cacao Powder, you can expect 124mg of flavanols. Although the number may be lower than what you have seen in the past, rest assured that this is a result of our updated, specific testing and does not reflect any loss of quality, nutrition, or flavor that makes our Cacao Powder so beloved.

Nutrition science is an ever-evolving topic and we pride ourselves on remaining current and transparent.