Is it safe to take Elderberry Powder every day?

No slouch in the world of superfoods, the elderberry has been used by numerous cultures around the globe for centuries; Hippocrates called the elder tree his “medicine chest” sometime around 400BC! The tart, dark purple berries have traditionally been associated with healthy immune function, thanks to an abundance of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, including vitamin C.

But a quick Google search can easily leave you confused about how and when to take elderberry. Some suggest that it should be used to lessen symptoms of a cold or flu, while others maintain that it must be used daily to boost immune strength. What to do?

It’s important to note that many of the studies on the efficacy of elderberry during a cold or flu use a concentrated extract from the elderberry, increasing its potency as an immune stimulant. In contrast, our Elderberry Powder is a whole-fruit powder that includes the fibrous, antioxidant-rich skin and delicately sweet pulp. In general, whole foods are less stimulating and absorbed more slowly than their processed, concentrated counterparts.

We designed our Elderberry Powder to be safe for daily use in its recommended serving size by all health states and ages. If you have specific questions or concerns around its usage—or your personal immune system—we recommend consulting with your health professional to determine if it’s the right food for you.