Oh no! I ate the moisture absorber inside my powder. Should I be concerned? 

Whoops! It happens. But no need to worry—the moisture absorber inside some of our superfood powders is 100% food safe. It is made from food-grade silica, which is an inert and non-toxic substance, and enclosed in a food-safe material.

Why are these packets inside some of our superfoods and not others? Certain products, especially juice powders and freeze-dried berry powders, are very susceptible to moisture which can lead to clumping and hardening. Each time you open your bag, a small amount of moisture can enter in the form of relative humidity. The moisture absorber counters this effect by absorbing up to 40 times its weight in water! That’s why it’s important to leave the pack inside your bag until you’ve finished enjoying the product. 

If you’re unsure if your product is supposed to have a moisture absorber, check the lower right corner on the back of your bag for a note that says "moisture absorber included in package."