Where can I find the COAs for your products?

Sorry to disappoint, but we don’t share out our Certificate of Analyses. However, it’s not because we’re not proud of and confident in our products! We believe and invest heavily in food testing and use third party, independent labs to ensure that all of our superfoods are clean and nutritious. Any batch that does not meet our quality and safety standards is rejected and returned to the supplier. 

COAs are commonly shared for a few different reasons. One is in the case of supplement companies, which are not regulated by the FDA and therefore may opt to share COAs as proof of their product’s integrity. Another is in the case of bulk ingredient suppliers, who may be required to share each batch's COAs with their food manufacturing partners.  

In our case, as an FDA-regulated food manufacturer selling finished goods for retail only, we’ve chosen not to share our COAs from individual batches, but rather to provide our current testing averages for any of our superfoods upon request. This gives you, the consumer, the best representation of what you can expect from repeat purchases of our superfoods over time. Keep in mind that our superfoods have hundreds of COAs from regular batch-testing over time, so sharing an individual report provides very little insight. When working with minimally processed, organic foods, slight variation from batch-to-batch is expected and we want to make sure that’s reflected in the information that we share with you.

If you’d like further details about any of our superfoods, please reach out to our customer service team for assistance here and we'll be more than happy to help!