I think I had a bad reaction to your Elderberry Powder

It is possible to feel less than super after consuming elderberries. Why? Well, it boils down to bio-individuality, or the differences in how an individual reacts to a particular food. Even if you’ve been enjoying elderberry in gummies, syrups, or tinctures, you could still react to elements found in the whole fruit. While highly nutritious and packed with immune-boosting properties, the elderberry is known to contain potent plant compounds that can trigger a range of digestive reactions in a small minority of people. Unlike many extracted elderberry products on the market, our Elderberry Powder includes the skin, pulp, and seed of the berry.

Does processing play a role in the safety of elderberries? Yes, absolutely! Our elderberries are fully pasteurized at temperatures that neutralize the compounds known to cause digestive distress when consumed raw. We use third party labs to test every batch for microbiological safety and are absolutely confident in the quality of our product.

If you’re new to Elderberry Powder, we recommend starting with a smaller serving size and never trying it first on an empty stomach. If you find that this superfruit is not for you, please reach out to our customer service team here so that we can help you find a better fit.