What is the ingredient ratio in the Cacao+ Blends?

Cacao—one of the most nutrient-dense foods in its own right—gets even better with the addition of antioxidant-rich acai and goji berries, or powerhouse-mushroom reishi! 

While the exact ratio of the ingredients in our Cacao+ Blends is a proprietary recipe, you can expect a product that behaves and can be used like our regular cacao powder. The additional superfood ingredients within add a boost of valuable, complementary nutrition without sacrifying flavor or performance.

If you compare them side by side, you will notice slight variations in flavor. The Antioxidant Blend has a touch of dark-berry sweetness, pulling out the cacao's natural fruity notes. The Longevity Blend features earthy reishi, supporting cacao's warm, soothing flavors.

If you’re looking to consume a specific amount of any particular superfood, the best way to do that is to purchase the ingredient separately and to measure it by weight. Otherwise, grab a bag of our Cacao+ Blends and let our curated formulas do the work for you!